Saturday, September 8, 2018                                                        Dreadful Joy


What we know about light we’ve known for over a hundred years: At the speed of light, time stops, space contracts to nothing. For light, reality is instantaneous.

From our latest understanding of the very beginning of the universe - at the Big Bang - everything existed as pure light in a point a trillion times smaller than an atom.

Over 13.8 billion years, the fermions (matter) of the universe self-organized into conscious entities, including you and me sharing these thoughts.

The physicist Klee Irwin ( points out that there are no laws of physics prohibiting bosons (light) from also self-organizing.

If bosons did in fact self-organize into consciousness, they would have done so instantaneously (since time does not exist for light). At the initial instant of creation, light became consciousness.

The first moment of the Big Bang was so infinitesimally small, it existed as a quantum event. That means that, at the start, the universe contained all its possible quantum states, all the possible universes that could condense from that energetic instant.

Those possible universes are called world-lines. The collection of all possible world-lines are all the unique paths that the universe can follow from the Big Bang to its ultimate fate - including the world-line we presently occupy.

At the very beginning, light became conscious of every moment that would ever exist in every point of spacetime in all possible universes.

What does such omnipresent, omniscient consciousness sound like to you?


Blogger shaun said...

It sounds like our (paradoxical to perceive) constant state of static infinity (which remains perfectly still) perceived by us as necessarily being in motion and scattered into centillions of separate parts (despite it remaining the one eternal thing).

September 12, 2018 at 10:40 AM  

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