Saturday, September 29, 2018                                                        Dreadful Joy


Darkness carries us.

Dark energy bears the entire universe into a void of ever-accelerating expansion.

Dark matter holds our ignorance in the gravitational grip of a mysterious voyager - starless shrouds enclosing galaxies - that comprise 21% of matter in the cosmos.

Dark the self we think we are: dark our origins and the struggle to be that opens behind our faces into darkness breathing us and building our dreams.

In this creation that began as pure light at t-zero, the first moment of the Big Bang, what then is darkness? Cosmologists declare that darkness began with inflation.

For a fraction of a second, from t-zero to t-minus 37 second (0 with a decimal point followed by thirty-seven zeroes and then a 1), only light existed. Then, mysteriously, space expanded faster than light.

From t-minus 36 to t-minus 32, darkness unfolded the vastness of the cosmic vacuum into which creation has been expanding since.

Darkness emerged from light. With inflation’s exponential expansion of space in the early universe, light birthed darkness. Awake to this truth, our age witnesses the end of the immemorial battle of light and darkness.

Darkness carried light into congealed quarks, atoms, stars, galaxies, and planets that evolved the birth-hold of life. Now, in the gathered mindfulness peering through our eyes, darkness stands beside her mother’s body.