Sunday, February 15, 2015                                                        Dreadful Joy

Notes on Soul

The search for soul ignites the invisible, interior self into the pigments of being – which blossoms into the colors personhood.

Soul deploys mythic energy – story force – which weaves your dreams into mine. Myth, story, narrative is the vision of our common soul – the circle of our eternal return from sleep to waking, from the absurd to the sustaining.

Look for soul in deep old-growth trees where the rain lives before rising.

Soul admits us to a transformational field. There, we meet innovatively the animal sadness in the body that defines our humanity.

Working daily with the trauma and personal deformity of our accidental lives requires a special kind of courage. This is soul.

The dauntless concentration that can see through the flux of consciousness to the primal space where being makes healing available comes at a price. Soul is the cost of laboring with corruption for the commerce of joy.

Soul is how a human being transforms to human becoming.


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