Sunday, June 9, 2013                                                        Dreadful Joy


Avalon, an island deep within its own dream, can be reached only from the coast of the mind. And when one finally arrives there, one walks with the tread of the heart.

Each of us can listen to our heart inside our chest and hear the footfalls of selfhood. So also is it with the Nine Queens of Avalon.

Under immense clouds, luminously white and stacked miles high, the queens live in immortal trance, because magic encloses them. Together, they experience the invisible, disembodied ether that belongs to the long dream of life on this planet.

Each of them can feel the enigmatic perfection of this ether that the moderns call mind. It encloses the aching beauty of the dream in a secret purpose, which only now, fifteen centuries after Arthur and Merlin, science has begun to disclose in its explorations of the cosmos and the atom.

None of the Nine Queens knew anything then of the quantum mysteries that we wonder upon now, yet they understood the true purpose of our faint, implausible dream within their own hearts.

So also may it be with us.

 From The Serpent and the Grail


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