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Fermi's Paradox

Why haven't we detected other technological civilizations out among the two trillion galaxies of the observable universe? We seem to be alone.

But what if we're wrong to assume that advanced technologies in other planetary systems create superstructures? What if truly sophisticated engineering doesn't expand but shrinks civilization?

The applied science to harness ever larger amounts of energy could construct ever more complex structures in smaller spaces. Why go small?  Because self-organizing species eventually translate biological selves into digital identities.

When the sentience of a species transcends biology, it can occupy virtual reality in nanosize computational grids. Digitized information of entire worlds will continue to flourish and evolve in a microscopic space of cybernetic architecture.

A civilization of high energy technology that has inscribed its sentience in configuration space will continue to manipulate the material reality of spacetime and will extend its influence across the entire universe through an astonishing paradox. As nanosizing civilization grows smaller, it acquires the energy to access super tiny, naturally occurring spacetime tunnels called wormholes.

Wormholes have recently been identified in quantum physics with entanglement, the strange property exhibited when particles and pieces of space that have been in contact continue to influence one another no matter how far they move apart. Regions of spacetime once very close in the early universe continue to affect each other instantly across billions of light years, because the geometry of spacetime emerges from the quantum entanglement of tiny, ubiquitous wormholes.

The high energy technology of a nanosize civilization could use these fundamental wormholes of cosmic entanglement to expand across our holographic universe. Such a civilization could disseminate self-assembly units through this universal network of wormholes. And though their culture would remain too small for us to see and would broadcast no signals (other than what propagates through micro-wormholes), they could be everywhere, fully present here and in the most distant parts of the universe.

All of spacetime around us right now could be thriving with a profoundly advanced technological civilization too small for us to see!


Blogger Umair Ahmad said...

A fascinating proposition! It would follow then, perhaps, all biological beings today exist simply for their whimsy and study.

August 20, 2018 at 9:14 AM  

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